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GRC is not about Risk or Compliance

August 26, 2014 3 comments

In my earlier post, “Security is Not the Point,” I explained why to most people security is an annoying layer of cost and inconvenience. I said that no one wants security, they want the benefits of security. But if security is not the point, what is?

The last time you had to do some tedious paperwork, you were no doubt muttering under your breath that you’d rather be doing the actual project and not filling out forms and writing a report. We are all like that. Documenting tasks and processes is not fun.

Compliance is like that, too. It is considered the necessary evil, the tedious paperwork required by “the powers-that-be” to meet some basic level of due care. Compliance requirements define the “minimums” for demonstrating that the business is being run responsibly.

However, compliance has a more attractive cousin. Read more HERE.



Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

September 16, 2009 5 comments

I performed an independent, no-money-changed-hands evaluation of three products advertising video surveillance management plus video analytics management.  Here is a short video explaining my process and what I learned from my experience with Milestone XProtect, Aimetis Symphony, and Verint Nextiva.

All three products performed admirably, but there was one standout.  A few vendors chickened out, er, I mean, decided it was not of interest to them to participate.  :)  So kudos to Milestone, Aimetis and Verint for being proud of their products – as they should be.

DreamerGear Evaluation of Aimetis

DreamerGear Evaluation of Milestone

DreamerGear Evaluation of Verint

DreamerGear Review of Aimetis’ Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Aimetis Symphony Enterprise Edition 6.2AimetisLogoPurple_72dpi

What We Loved: Complete, unified video and analytics management

What We Didn't:  Limited to Windows platforms4.5_Guards

Price:  Starts at $13,600

Overall Score:  4.4 out of possible 5



Aimetis Symphony Enterprise Edition is a very satisfying
product, mainly because it does everything you hope it will, easily and
affordably.  I mean, if you’ve gone
to the trouble to set up a surveillance environment using video analytics,
you’d probably want a single, easy-to-use system: to manage the video received
from many cameras; control pan tilt and zoom; select a variety of detections
using analytics; manage storage; set up alerts on certain activities and
detected behaviors; and create reports about those alerts.  Simply put, you’d want a system that
manages surveillance.


For the full Review Summary:Download DreamerGear Aimetis Symphony


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Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

DreamerGear Review of Milestone’s Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Milestone XProtect Analytics and XProtect CorporateMilestone Logo with tag line

What We Loved:  Integration & Support for many different cameras

What We Didn't:  Poor reporting and incident management tools

Price:  Starts at $7990 plus purchase of 3rd party analytics3.5_Guards

Overall Score:  3.5 out of possible 5



Milestone Systems is the video management company with the
fastest growing brand recognition. 
I rarely hear an integrator or end user talk about surveillance video
management without Milestone being mentioned. The company’s XProtect Analytics
is enjoying the same buzz largely because of the effective marketing and press
exposure to the system. For me, it was Milestone that put the concept of video
management merged with analytics management on the map.  So of course I had high expectations
when I evaluated the product.


For the full Review Summary:  Download DreamerGear Milestone XProtect


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Video: How I Evaluated Three Video Analytics Management Platforms

DreamerGear Review of Verint’s Video Management plus Video Analytics

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Verint Nextiva 6.0 Video and Analytics managementVerint logo

What We Loved:  Powerful
and professional look and feel

What We Didn’t: 
Too many separate products to get full functionality

Price:  Starts
at $24,900

Overall Score:  3.5
out of possible 5 


In general, our entire experience using and testing Verint Nextiva
to manage both video and video analytics was positive.  Nextiva has the power and capability to
handle video management and analytics deployments from moderate sizes to the
very largest.  It is obvious that
Verint put a lot of thought into every aspect of the product architecture and
design with, among other benefits, a very usable graphical interface and
excellent product support.


For the full Review Summary: Download DreamerGear Verint Nextiva 


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Join me on a webinar about video analytics

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment

Wanna keep paying for eyeballs on monitors 24×7?  The cost
is hefty and critical events are missed as guards – being mere mortals – look away, blink or lose their edge. Video analytics offers an alternative to human-based guarding at a
fraction of the cost and continuously watches for intrusions – alerting
onsite/remote guards when a potential breach occurs. This webinar will explore
how video analytics is a cost-effective, easy-to-use technology across a range
of applications.  We hope you join me on December 17th , 1pm Eastern
Time.  Register.

The business value of IP-based security technologies. Or how to turn your IP camera into a business application

October 19, 2007 3 comments

In a further attempt to explain how PSIM (physical security information management) and IP-based security technologies in general, are more than simply software doing yesterday’s security job better.  They actually create value.  Take surveillance…

Surveillance cameras are technologies for capturing events and are deployed for many reasons: loss prevention, crime and vandalism deterrence, slip/fall evidence, traffic and crowd control, and dozens of other security & safety applications.

The captured video events are transmitted to monitors in command centers, or recorded on DVRs or storage arrays.  The images, when viewed or collected, are data that may be used for security event management.

Analog and network cameras, DVRs and networked storage aren’t the only security event data sources. Consider these:

  • Alarms and environmental sensors
  • Intrusion detection, physical and logical
  • Monitoring stations and command centers
  • Knowledge bases and external intelligence services
  • Trouble ticketing, dispatching systems, and problem management
  • Business continuity and emergency response software
  • Public address and notification systems

Even access control systems produce event data.

Resulting in a Deluge of Data.  So while security professionals have sought to solve security problems with the newest and best security technologies, they’ve ended up with this smoldering swamp of unused and sometimes unusable data.

Here’s the opportunity for you and for the industry.  If managed properly, if normalized and analyzed – that data becomes information.  With information, you can create value.

PSIM is the newest way of advancing the industry and your career but providing a platform for turning event data into business information, the same way corporations around the world have used any IT system to add value to the company.

This new breed of technology is represented by vendors like

  • Orsus
  • Proximex
  • Vidsys
  • Milestone
  • Cernium
  • ioimage

So go and make something of that data. Create Value!

Event management is security.  But Information management is business.

[PS: hopefully the reader can see why PSEM, physical security event management is a pointless moniker, while PSIM is the value-oriented expression we should standardize on.]