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Every Business Should Join a Peer Group for Cybersecurity

August 23, 2016

Earlier this year I shared my thoughts with you about the new program for small and mid-sized enterprises from the cybersecurity association (the ISSA.org) making cybersecurity expertise available to everyone.

Now, I’d like to invite you to join an online Cybersecurity Community of Excellence.

Unlike the ISACs, which focus on sharing vulnerability data with members and require their members to have technical security professionals on staff, the ComEx groups actively improve each process related to the rest of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, SANS Top 20, ISO and FFIEC requirements. In short, every business, even those without mature security programs and geeky cybersecurity experts, can now benefit from peer groups.

These online peer group training programs help you and your team to build an effective and even award winning information security program steadily at very low cost, in place of expensive consultants and disruptive conferences & training events.

  • Comply with federal regulations and industry standards

    The cybersecurity collaboration portal for you and your peers

    The cybersecurity collaboration portal for you and your peers

  • Benchmark cybersecurity with your peers
  • Show measurable improvement quickly
  • Ease compliance audits
  • Qualify for an ISSA Cybersecurity Quality Award

It is inexpensive and easy to join a Cybersecurity Community of Excellence. All companies in the peer group improve cybersecurity together, learn from one another, and never lose what they’ve learned because it is all preserved in a continually growing and improving knowledge-base.

Cybersecurity excellence is within reach of every company.

Download the Member Guide to see how easily regional banks, hospitals, law firms, and every other type of business of any size may join.

Join a Cybersecurity Community of Excellence today and let’s improve cybersecurity together!

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