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“Yes, Commissioner. We’ll get right on it.”

May 28, 2016


Recently I was asked to describe the services of Hunt Business Intelligence. I said, “It’s like picking up the bat phone and getting expert help for any security question or challenge.”

That’s a good image, and one our customers still use to describe us to their peers. However, a more formal way of describing it is like this:

Since 2005, Hunt Business Intelligence has been helping leaders to optimize security.  We serve the entire ecosystem of security—end users, vendors, and investors.

  • Enterprise Leaders, such as CIOs, COOs and heads of security (CISO, CSO) and large and mid-sized enterprises
  • Product Managers
  • Venture Investors

In short, you have Steve Hunt and his team of seasoned security experts available for you to address any challenge by phone or email or in person.

  • Need outside experts to assess your security program and provide you with a formal analysis? Our Security Success Score™ measures your company’s Security Maturity.
  • Got a big meeting or product release coming up? Let Steve Hunt and his Hunt Business Intelligence team ensure that you are fully prepared.
  • Wrestling with a tedious security problem? We have practical, actionable advice.
  • Dealing with office politics? Our advisers have seen it all before and will help you shine as a leader.
  • Want a one-day workshop to accelerate your security program? Our consultants are dynamic facilitators and will leave your entire team feeling enriched and empowered.

Advisory phone and email packages begin at just $1995. Visit our website or simply drop us a note at info@huntbi.com in order to get started.

Join this list of satisfied customers Contact us today and get a Free eBook The Security Manager’s Playbook: A Leader’s Guide to Optimizing Cyber Security for any Business


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