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Threats Everywhere at RSA 2014

If you’ve ever been to the IT security mega trade show, RSA Conference, you probably noticed the same thing. There is always a dominant theme. One year it is compliance. Another identity theft. This year, loud and clear, it was threat management. Some vendors, like Skybox Security and Core Security, showed that their products helped you predict and prepare for threats. Some, like Intel/McAfee, Kaspersky were all about detecting threats quickly as they are being exploited. Others, for example BalaBit and LogRhythm, help you to understand threats in context as they occur.

Threats here. Threats there. Threats everywhere.

The threat management vendors were having a heyday, but they weren’t alone. All the other vendors joined the fun. Entrust, an identity management vendor recently acquired by Datacard, told us that threats make us so vulnerable because our identity management is lacking. Firewall vendors CheckPoint and Palo Alto Networks reminded us that they were the original threat fighters. And RSA’s Archer product team said that threats are best managed with top flight governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software.

I wondered how an average security director could walk the aisles of the show floor, listen to the vendor pitches, and have any clue what products to buy. Two vendors may use nearly the same expressions to describe their wares, but sell products that are fundamentally different.

I see it from the vendor’s point of view. They want to get in on the spending spree happening around threat management these days. I hope they realize that as soon as they start using generic threat management language – as they all seemed to do – they increase their number of competitors to include every other vendor using the same language.

I liked the pitch I heard from Rick Gamache, CTO of Red Sky Alliance. His words stood out from the crowd with a fresh approach. Red Sky Alliance is just that, an alliance. In two years it has rapidly grown to over thirty member companies, including major banks, huge Internet retailers, an oil & gas company, and a smattering of others. In an alliance of high trust, members share with one another threats they are experiencing. Then the dedicated researchers at Red Sky Alliance and its associate, Wapack Labs, provide a deep analysis of the threat – the most thorough analysis of advanced persistent threats (APTs) available outside of government agencies, accompanied by actionable recommendations for mitigating all related threats. The members use that analysis to defend against any other attacks coming from the same Chinese, Russian or other sources.

Good luck to CISOs in their quest to manage threats. My advice is to listen with a critical ear and get customer references from their peers.



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