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Getting your head around the “Mobile” discussion

The last time business managers were worked into a tizzy about “Mobile,” we called it Mobile Computing or Mobility and we talked about remote workers, laptop computers and USB memory sticks (thumb drives).  Organizations routinely provisioned employees with both, and employees routinely wanted to use their personal laptops and USB sticks for business use. Therefore, companies had to deal with a mix of business and personal mobile computing devices.  In those days Neohapsis recommended that its clients create strong “personal use” policies, promote awareness of the risks, and deploy technology measures to mitigate some those risks. Today’s mobile discussion is similar in theme but quite different in details.

Mobile no longer merely means mobile computing or mobile workforce.  Its common use now includes social networking, mobile websites, mobile apps, new messaging and communication platforms, photos, crowd sourcing, and videos used for personal and business reasons on a vast range of technologies including home PCs, corporate workstations, laptops, smartphones and tablets on the business network, the home Internet connection and in the Cloud.

The technology eco-system of Mobile is vast. Phones, cameras, PDAs (like the iPod Touch©), portable storage devices (external storage, iPods, memory sticks) and tablets are all included, but so are computers, servers and entire data centers.  The glue that connects all of these systems in the Mobile conversation is simply one thing: the Internet.  Mobile touches nearly every aspect of your IT environment.

So what does a business manager need to know in order to approach Mobile with reasonable security?  That is the subject of Neohapsis Labs’ newest paper: The Secure Mobile Enterprise. Download it here.

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