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Neohapsis shares the dream

I’m so excited to announce that Neohapsis has asked me to lead their expansion into the physical security and IT convergence domains.  For 15 years, Neohapsis has been one of the most advanced IT security consulting firms, providing geeky services like penetration testing, “white hat” product hacking, vulnerability assessments and governance and risk management consulting.

In recent years the company has been doing more in the physical security arena, such as assessing the security robustness and durability of physical security products, like electronic locks, IP video cameras and other physical security devices.

Now, my team will be able to do much more, including coordinated physical logical attack simulations, physical and logical penetration testing of facilities and networks, and hacking and durability assessments of many more products.  We still evaluate products and give best practice guidance on security operations and enterprise risk management.

The name Neohapsis means “New Combination.”  I like to think that it now refers to the new combination of physical and cyber security.  Please drop me a note if you would like to chat about Neohapsis services, the security industry, or my sailing adventures on Lake Michigan.  steve dot hunt at neohapsis dot com

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