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How to Spot a Best-of-Breed Integrator

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to get to know Dan Moceri and his company, Schaumburg, IL-based Convergint Technologies.  Convergint has served as an integrator for some of my largest and most demanding end user clients.

When I think of a best-of-breed integrator, Convergint is always one of the first to come to mind.

Why? You may think it is because the company is big, but as we all know from working with large integrators, there is often a huge disparity in skills and professionalism from one regional office to the next.  No. Size is not the reason I think of Convergint.

Maybe it’s skill.  After all, Convergint has highly skilled technicians in the field who deeply understand products like Lenel OnGuard and Genetec Omnicast.  But skill is not it either.

How about customers?  Surely few companies can match Convergint in high-profile customer deployments.  Just look at how Convergint came to the rescue of the City of Chicago’s urban surveillance project.  Convergint has a great customer list, but that’s not why it shines as a company.

Convergint is on my mind because it is focused on continual improvement. A simple idea, but one nearly absent across the rest of the security industry sales channel.  When Dan Moceri and his business partner Greg Lernihan look at their company, they see a community of professionals working together – a community built around shared values, including one of the most powerful: the desire to go from Good to Great in every aspect of the company.

Dan, and the Convergint leadership team are driven by continual improvement in another way, too.  When they consider expanding their business, they seek partners or acquisition targets that also have a Good to Great mentality.  That way the Convergint culture of continual improvement may be more quickly and effectively infused into the new partner.

Dan speaks frequently at security conferences; so if you ever have a chance to hear him, don’t miss it.  And whenever you consider working with an integrator or value added reseller, keep in mind that consistency and quality come not from a large customer base, many employees or demonstrated technical skill.  Consistency and quality are born out of a mindset, a philosophy, of continual improvement.

The way a security integrator, or any service provider at all, can create a Good to Great culture will be the topic of many future posts here on SecurityDreamer.

  1. January 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Having known Dan and team for years, and being an ex-Integrator myself, I can confirm that Convergint is best in class. I think it comes from choosing the management team, and executing a clear and concise vision. Dan and his great team continually look at their credo and mission statement, should anyone start to drift away and stop putting the customer first, they get a swift nudge to the head.

    Our industry could use many more Convergints, but alas, that will take years.

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