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Tweet some new tweeps this weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend in the States, so you are probably not planning to sit in front of your computer.  I hope to be on a sailboat much of the weekend.  My kids are on a camping trip.  You should get out, too.  But when your crawl back to your desk on Tuesday, why not have some new insights, humor, and cleverness waiting for you.  Sign up for Twitter.  If you aren't yet up to speed on Twitter, read why I use it

There is a custom on Twitter to recommend some interesting Tweeps (people who use twitter) to follow on Fridays.  It’s called #followfriday.  This is not everyone I follow, of course.  And I really enjoy many more than this.  But I wanted to present you with a good cross section to get your feet wet.  Use it as your own "starter pack."  Start following these people:

(don't worry, you can unfollow them later if they are not your cup of tea – no feelings get hurt)  🙂

  • Arj (security industry analyst – one of the good ones)
  • Badbanana (the funniest tweeter on the web)
  • Beaker (Chris Hoff)
  • Cselland (maybe you know him)
  • DDubie (Network World journalist)
  • Dspark (helps you use media for your biz advantage)
  • Enderle  (The silicon valley guru)
  • Feliciaday (geek, entertainer)
  • GeorgevHulme (uber journalist)
  • Idmachines (Sal knows all about FIPS 201 and identity mgmt)
  • Jameane (social media maven)
  • JDeLuccia (audit and compliance expert)
  • Jennyholzer (what can you say?)
  • Kristina_Erfe  (hilarious, thought provoking, life poet)
  • MarkOOakes (security professional, entrepreneur, triathlete)
  • MiaCucina (if you like food)
  • Michael_Hoffman (media mogul and Do Gooder)
  • Princessleia  (I think it’s really her!)
  • Robertbook (economist, political commentator)
  • Roland_Hedley (Fox correspondent/Doonesbury)
  • Sam_Pfeifle (thoughtful editor of Security Systems News)
  • Sarahksilverman (the most excellent comedian)
  • SDNEditor (I guess Rhianna doesn’t want to use her real name)
  • Securitytwits (name says it all)
  • Stephenbonner (chief security officer for really big bank)
  • Steve_hunt (me, the securitydreamer)
  • Stevesurf (the guy dating my sister)
  • Tomwaits (the singer/songwriter)
  • Zittrain (Harvard law prof – Internet security and privacy stuff)
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