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Identity is more than credit cards

Of all the services for protecting identity, I think Identity Truth has it going on.  Trusted ID, Life Lock (Life Crock), or even Experian’s own service just miss the point. Identity is not just aboutIdentitytruth  protecting your credit score.  Although, that’s what Life Lock would like you to think (spending millions displaying the CEO’s social security number).  Life Lock has its troubles as a company too, with several lawsuits, and restrictions from some states and credit companies.  The company’s partners are starting to shy away, too, because of fear of being included in the lawsuits.

Identity Truth, the service I use (and reviewed here), focuses on what really matters – protecting my assets, privacy and reputation. The service gives me a measurement of my identity risk.  If something has already happened to threaten me, they tell me what they’ve found. If it is a threat for the future, they tell you how bad guys could encroach on my identity. Then they give me a heads up and tell me what to do about it.

Maybe you are just interested in credit score protection.Identity_truth_dashboard   You could call Life Lock, but I look at all that Identity Truth offers, with its dashboard so I can view my data, and realize I get a lot more value for the same price. 

Identity Truth is not a client of mine.  It’s just one of those rare companies that lives up to its marketing claims.

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