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The Mystery and Wonder of PSIM – A SecurityDreamer event in D.C.

Marriot_dcwasbt_phototour01_5 Up to this point, PSIM has been a nice idea and a marketing expression, falling short of an actual definition. However, Physical Security Information Management is very real. Security directors and manufacturers are embarrassed by the primitive tools of event management in our command centers today. They’ve chosen to ignore the elephant in the room, but it’s starting to take up too much space.

PSIM is an opportunity for end-users to manage situations more quickly and effectively; for manufacturers to produce new software and networking solutions; for integrators to up-sell to their existing customers, and for investors to enrich their portfolios. That’s a tall order for one nascent market niche.

At the next SecurityDreamer event we’re going to dig in to PSIM and un-earth its treasures, sharing best practices, deployment secrets and hidden dangers. For investing opportunities, for deploying PSIM solutions, for partnering with the right people, you’ll want to be in the room.


This event is for investors, integrators, resellers and end-users – – anyone interested in making money and solving problems with PSIM. Grab hold of this opportunity and act on what everyone’s been talking about.

Where: Bethesda, Maryland

When: Wednesday, June 4th

Time: 7:30-10:30am

Breakfast will be served

Contact Rachel to register:

Rachel.Cusick@HuntBI.com,          847.733.0200      

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