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Advancing the video surveillance conversation

Improving business was at the core of an event Rachel and I put on at the Venetian the night before the ISC West show.  We called it The Future of Video Surveillance, and it sure was fun.  About 60 top consultants, integrators, security executives and investors schmoozed and feasted at David Burke restaurant at the Venetian while I shared a few thoughts about the future of video surveillance.  Video sure is hot these days. Cimg3065  There is tremendous demand, and everyone (and their brother) is coming out with a camera or service to sell in order to carve off a bit of pie – a pie that seems to double in size every couple years with no end in sight.  For the security industry, video surveillance is like a mini Internet bubble, getting the investors, manufacturers, service providers and end users all frothy and wild eyed.

For me, video in security is boiling down to a few trends.  First is the notion that video can be something other than data.  Today, we think of pumping video through a pipe – more video more stuff.  The IT intelligencia calls that stuff data.  However, when we assemble and analyze data, it becomes information.  Information creates value for our organizations.  In the future, video becomes something more than bits through a pipe – something more than video.  It becomes “intelligence” just like any business application enriching productivity and profit.

The next trend is ubiquity.  Video will soon be everywhere – on every street corner and building lobby. Sharing (and in some cases not sharing) that video becomes an important discussion.  Making video available to those who are authorized to it and who need it will bring pressure on price, interoperability, ease of deployment, ease of management, integration with analysis and response systems, compression, storage, and many other factors contributing to making video available on demand.

One other trend affecting the future of video surveillance also touches all of the physical security industry, and that is consultative selling.  The so called sales channels of this industry are more like order-taking channels.  As we do with Amazon.com, we call our integrator when we already know what we want.  The future will find us talking about security more as a business enabler.  In fact, the best consultative sales people will be able to purge the word security from their vocabulary and as a result increase sales.  New sales techniques and channels will evolve to sell the new business application of intelligent video to business unit managers, CIOs and COOs.

Let’s keep advancing the conversation.

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  1. Steve Surfaro
    April 22, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    “Information creates value for our organizations”
    It’s so difficult to understand the concept of using video information, rather than being “pack rats” (of which I am guilty as well) and just having to keep everything, all my data, all my stuff, all the time, instead of just what I need.
    I suspect others have the challenge of managing information. So Steve, you’ve evangelized the PSIM concept, which is important to the industry to accept. I really believe the PSIM systems will help interpret what is needed to act on immediately, rather than later.
    Why do many manufacturers have to say “oh we do that with our system” instead of recognizing their core competance and others?

  2. Dr Bob
    May 20, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    I like your abstraction, and please forgive me if I over-simplify – actionable insight, managing incredible masses of information and learning to solve customers’ challenges through consultative selling are key goals for me as well. When I first read your post the third point particularly resonated with me. But after re-reading I find them to be equally valid.

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