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It’s the Data, Stupid

Going to the RSA show? The San Francisco event in April is the IT security show I find to be most worth my time. But this year is going to be tricky for most attendees. This year, the exhibiting vendors will be talking about data protection more than you’ve ever heard before. Data protection is the fashion these days in IT security.

Unfortunately, data protection means so many things to so many people, it hardly has any meaning of its own. What it is, how we should think about it, and what we should prepare to do this year and in the future are the topics of an unusual roundtable discussion I’m hosting in Silicon Valley, March 27.

If you are a CISO, CIO or risk management strategist you are welcome to join me for the discussion. Sorry, no vendors may attend. I will share my research findings on data protection trends and best practices and then together we will explore the extent to which we should reorient our focus away from network protection, toward data protection.

Steve Hunt’s SecurityDreamer Future of Data Protection discussion.

Pacific Athletic Club, Redwood City, California

March 27, 4-7 pm

Appetizers and cocktails will be served (because we want a lively discussion!)

Contact Rachel if you are interested. Rachel.Cusick@huntbi.com


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