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What Would Dean Do?

Don’t you think Dean Meyer would make an excellent CEO of Pelco? I do. He’d cut operating costs without diminishing product value. He’d aggressively seek to acquire complementary technologies and would outsource cost-saving parts of the Pelco manufacturing process. He would crank up Pelco’s digital story, promoting IP video as the primary focus for developing new business. He would all these things and more.

Don’t you think?…

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  1. John Honovich
    January 22, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Hi Steve,
    I don’t know Dean but he certainly looks to be very talented.
    The question I would ask: “Is anyone capable of making Pelco a leader in the future IP video world?”
    I think the answer is probably, no.
    Four reasons why Pelco looks to lag:
    – TAC’s pan to cross-sell access, video, fire, burg, et
    – Pelco is way behind on IP cameras
    – Endura is designed for legacy analog customers
    – Integral is not even the best NVR in Indiana
    I found some background information at ftp://ftp.pelco.com/pelcopress/Pelco_Welcomes_Dean_Meyer.pdf
    1. Cross-Selling: Pelco used to be a specialist: the best analog camera manufacturer in the world. No access, no burg, DVR was an afterthought. Now they are moving to the same bland cross-selling as Tyco, Honeywell, Bosch, etc. This may create efficiencies but it does not create much customer value. It will also remove focus from dominating in the battle for IP camera supremacy.
    2. Pelco is way behind in producing IP and megapixel cameras. Axis has come out of nowhere (literally from making webcams for voyuers 10 years ago) to dominate the market for IP cameras. It will be hard even for Pelco to catch up. Buying a company here would be a capitulation but it’s probably better than spending huge money trying to catch up.
    3. I think Endura is beautiful and the design is outstanding to help existing analog camera to migrate to IP. However, it’s too clunky and too expensive to compete for customers looking for pure-play IP video systems. What is certainly an advantage for their current customer base will be a hindrance in the future battles against Genetec, ONSSI, etc.
    4. They have to integrate Integal. Integral deserves praise for its leadership 10 years ago but it’s a laggard now and can only divert attention and resources for newer technologies that better address the challenges of IP video.
    While I think Pelco has done great things over the last 20 years, they are very poorly positioned to challenge for IP video leadership. Realistically, probably the best way to maximize return on this investment is to milk this as a cash cow and not waste lots of money competing in a battle they are very poorly equipped to compete.

  2. January 22, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    I would hope that if Pelco integrates Integral into its DVR line, the combined product would be more like the Integral product than the Pelco product.
    While Integral has not always been at the forefront of technology, they have made a solid product that is well liked by many end users. The consistency of the user interface across the entire product platform, as well as the availability of basic viewing software at no cost have been the deciding factor in choosing Integral for many of my projects.
    Integral has also made some attempt to interface with industry standard storage devices (SAN, etc.) while Pelco has been reluctant to offer anything other than proprietary storage solutions.

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