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Securing New Ground and Security 500 at the same time in the same place didn’t work

You may have been at on the Mezzanine Level of the Roosevelt Hotel last week, but you probably missed the best show. The Security 500 conference was disappointing to me because so many people missed out on the excellent presentations from first rate security executives who shared their cream of the crop best practices.  You can’t get that sort of value anywhere else.  But lots of folks missed it because they were in the Securing New Ground conference on the other side of the hotel.  Too bad.  Those folks listened to vendors talk about their products and analysts talk about security spending when they could have listened to the real deal – the actual decision makers of the security industry: the end user executives themselves.

Christina Kite, the top executive of Cisco’s internal global security program, shared more best practices in one presentation than I’ve ever seen accumulated in one place.  Striking.

Marshall Sanders, the long time CSO of Level 3 Communications, the telco backbone provider, explained how Level 3’s business units enjoyed real, measurable business benefits from his security program.

Maureen Rush told us anecdotes and tips for success that she has gleaned from her experience in the very demanding role of Vice President for Public Safety, University of Pennsylvania.

Plus valuable contributions from Lehman Brothers, Henry Brothers, Convergint, Dan Dunkel, Rodnie Williams, and others.

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  1. November 30, 2007 at 7:40 am

    So, were there any take-aways you can share? Are the presentations available anywhere?

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