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Groovy time had by all at the first SecurityDreamer networking event

I finally got up the nerve to host the first SecurityDreamer networking event.  I chose PSIM as the theme and invited a bunch of end users, influencers and decision makers from public and private sector Chicago area organizations.  I’m pleased with the turn out – only 5 no-shows.  (Lauris, where were you?)Event_3

Sponsoring the event were Cisco, Proximex, Steelbox, Axis and VidSys.  Cisco’s Dennis Charlebois explained how Cisco was bringing the best of IT networking to video surveillance.  Axis’ Rick Spillane introduced the value of IP cameras.  Diane Robinette from Proximex described how event management software can improve security response.  Sara and Gary from Steelbox help us see the future of video switching and storage.  And Dave Fowler of VidSys wrapped it all together with a comprehensive vision of physical security information management (PSIM).

We held the event at a trendy Chicago art gallery,217333433306_0_alb_2
serving wine and appetizers.  I’m thinking of having these events in several US and European cities in the coming months on a variety of different themes.  If you’d like to be invited let me know.507333433306_0_bg
And if you’d like to suggest a theme, please do.

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