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First timer to Israel captures some of the spirit

I traveled Israel for a week with Infosecurity UK
editor, Eleanor Dallaway, while we visited more than a dozen technology
companies. This was Eleanor’s first
visit to Israel,
so I had the pleasure of showing her the country I’ve learned to appreciate and
love during my 25 years covering innovations in security technology. Here are her thoughts.  And here is her article on the companies we met.  Nicely done, Eleanor.

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  1. October 22, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Hi Steve,
    First, I personally enjoyed your visit and the professional attitude toward our cluster and the companies demands.
    As EInfosecurity UK editor, Eleanor Dallaway has mentioned Israel is an incubator of data security technologies, with a lot of different technologies, but no real “giants” out of CheckPoint and maybe Aladin/Finjan as well.
    The model which the consultant company MIW has successfuly adobted is sustained on the local need to “fight” the political and geografic difficulties with cooperation between the local players to get “win-win” situation with the model of goverment intervence which inves in this cluster to help the companies and insentive them to juin efforts and resources. In the field of IT Security, I believe that not only Israel, but other western countries has to give incentives in order to develope and fight the new Teror and criminal threats which can hurt us all ( home/SOHO and Organizations )and has already “succeeded” to do real damages.
    TISG will participate Infosec Paris at Nov include two days of meetings with the France industry (19-22 Nov ) and is supposed together with CP and Microsoft to develope the next generation platform for DLP if will be approved and supported by the local autorities ( 60m$ )
    I will be glad to get new ideas and cooperation ideas to fight the next generation teror which is supposed to be focused on the new buttle field which most of us stay in most of the day …the Internet/computer

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