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A one-stop security shop in Israel (more along the lines of kiosk-on-Diezengoff than SuperSol, but useful anyway)

Mr. David  Hava, the CEO of MIW, Ltd. (Managing Investments Worldwide)
explained how his business development firm came to invite Eleanor and me to Israel. Over
coffee (café afouk, naturally) he described MIW as the coordinator and manager
for a few technology consortia. The I-Safe group is one, focused as you might imagine on
security, and consisting of just over a dozen companies. The slogan for the I-Safe
group is “One Stop For All Your Security Solutions.” (That reminds me, for a few years when I was
much younger I worked as a locksmith at Chicago’s
Security Shop whose slogan was the same.) At first glance through the list of companies I saw only IT and network
security firms. If this is one stop for
all my security, where is physical security? Where is homeland security? A
closer inspection turned up Sdema Group, a consulting firm offering physical
security risk assessments, information security best practices consulting, and
employee background checks.

I’ll let you know later this week if the biometrics vendors
in the I-Safe group qualify in my mind as physical security solution providers or if they are stuck in an infosec mentality.

The idea of the consortium is to qualify for government
support monies, share marketing expenses, and collaborate on business
development. No direct competitors may
belong to the same consortium. For example, Safend is not in the I-Safe group
because ControlGuard is already a member – both being device security vendors
protecting against data leaks to USB sticks and other peripherals.

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