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Antivirus is less boring now that Panda has picked Leibowitz

Maybe I’m just a jaded security wonk, but antivirus bores
me. Viruses bore me. That is, until I think about the bigger
picture. Antivirus solutions (Norton, McAfee, etc) are pieces of a puzzle protecting the primary interface between people and information –
the PC or laptop. All data that amounts
to any importance at all spends part of its life whistling through one of these
machines – getting read, edited, deleted, appended, copied and forwarded. To ensure the “health” of the computer
handling the information, antivirus plays an important role.Gary_leibowitz

I, like so many of you security dreamers, however, get annoyed by antivirus
solutions that don’t play nice with the rest of the desktop or laptop security
solutions. Norton can be such a resources
hog, sucking up memory, clogging the registry, and generally making my life
miserable. I need an antivirus solution that
doesn’t slow me down and interacts as appropriate with other security measures
on my machine. In short, antivirus
should be a component to a larger security architecture, not a stand-alone hog.

That’s why I’m so pleased that Gary Leibowitz is taking the
job of General Manager Panda Security, US. Gary will make sure that
Panda’s solutions serve as both component within and foundation of a
comprehensive security architecture. He
did it with BMC’s security portfolio for years. Break a leg, Gary,
I know you’ll help to put Panda where it should be.

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  1. Tommy
    February 18, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    I have very strong yet mixed feelings about Panda. I like how they are positioning themselves as leveraging the cloud, but the WAY they are using the cloud (more for resource saving than definitions and solutions). Regardless, I think we will soon see the major antivirus players begin to take advantage of this tech and Panda will have some responsibility for that.

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