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Honeywell Plugs Into A Converged Identity Management Solution

Imprivata bridges the IT side of authentication and
credential management with physical security. The company’s flagship product, OneSign version 3.6, now integrates with Honeywell
ProWatch Access Control Systems and can support National ID cards built on the Dutch UZI card
platform. It also just extended support for 64-bit Citrix and
Terminal Server as well as Windows Vista platforms (32 bit).  This week the company announced ProveID™ for OneSign that
cleverly allows developers to insert Imprivata strong authentication into

I’ve always been a fan of this scrappy company. Founder
David Ting is an articulate champion of collaborative authentication
management, and the company has been very smart, I’d say, by betting on the
convergence story as a way of differentiating it from the soupy identity
management market.

The company boasts over 150 Imprivata resellers in 32
countries, and over 600,000 seats sold, but that’s a far cry from Passlogix‘s 6
million seats. However, Imprivata sells
its a solution with pricing and deployment options suitable for even small and
mid-sized large organizations.

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