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It doesn’t take a genius to see that VideoIQ has a place in the intelligent video market

I’ve written previously about
VideoIQ – the new kid on the video analytics block that’s really an old
kid. VideoIQ was spun out of the ailing
GE Security earlier this year and is being headed by Scott Schnell.

I had the pleasure of having breakfast
with Scott outside of Boston recently. He explained the nuances of
the VideoIQ solution and how strong he felt his team was. We discussed technologies, integrators, sales
channels, and competitive differentiators. It appears to me that his company carves a nice niche for itself and
opens up a larger target market than competitors like ioimage or
ObjectVideo. I’m cautiously optimistic.  Of course I know Scott’s talents from his RSA Security years, but he is facing a mountain of competition, an immature market, lots of hysterical, frantic marketing, and a bewildered customer population.

It’ll be fun to watch the
company grow if it can crack the nut of channel sales and if the product
development team can keep building on inspired technology of chief scientist
Mahesh Saptharishi. The company is apparently doing
just that by naming – just yesterday – software dev veteran, Sergio
to the position of VP Engineering.Videoiq_sergio

Sergio came from Motorola and has
an impressive background. His software
development management skills coupled with Mahesh’s vision make a formidable duo
to the intelligent video market. Watch
for vendors like OV, ioi, and vIQ to drift to market segments where they can
shine without facing full frontal competitive assaults. By the way, you may notice as you search for the website that it has a .net extension (www.videoIQ.net).  The .com site is a porn site.  That reminds me of New Dimensions Software, the security company that once shared its domain with nudie site http://www.newd.com.  Internet Security Systems went the best part of 15 years with a .net web address (www.iss.net) and was just sold to IBM for over a billion dollars.  Note to VideoIQ marketing staff: put the money into the sales channel and let the pornographers keep the domain.

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