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…went to a garden party, and much to my surprise, there was a — brand new best practices tool for network architecture

The folks at Lisle Technology Partners have done it again.  Building on seven years of success as a software development shop, the brilliant designers have finally launched their much anticipated new product AthenaVerify.  The launch happened this week at a lovely reception at the chic Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. Athena_1

You know when you build any network that your network engineers are reasonably competent, doing their best to follow network design best practices, and ensuring that there are no gaping holes.  Right?  Well, even the best designed architectures fall from grace in time —  business units need a port opened temporarily, which is later forgotten — a new web server pops up — a wireless access point sneaks in under a desk — a firewall is configured with an exposed connection — countless little infractions that can lead to major headaches.

AthenaVerify will assess your network architecture compared against best practices.

But here’s the really cool part.  The product does not scan your network.  It doesn’t work like other assessment tools banging on every port and straining your network under its load.  It works completely offline.  Simply feed it the config files of your network devices, like routers and firewalls, and it will use a mathematical analysis to find every weakness.  The detailed, full color reports then show an executive summary and detailed explanation of the best practice and the gap to close.

A monthly low-impact assessment like this will ensure that your network is always working efficiently and securely.

Lisle Technology Partners is well-heeled and funding the launch of the product mostly by itself.  I believe it will be successful mainly for two reasons:  First, since the company is not taking loads and loads of venture capital money, it can afford to sell the product at a price attractive to small, mid-sized and large organizations. In other words, it has a much larger potential customer base than Skybox Security, Red Seal, and the like. 

The second reason I believe AthenaVerify will rock networks around the world is that it evaluates networks against best practices.  Its competitors search for hackers and other vulnerabilities.  That attitude makes the solution really sexy for network administrators – but those folks don’t have the budgets for big-ticket solutions.  AthenaVerify on the other had, measures a network’s compliance to PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA regulations as well as general best practices for efficiency and security.  It is a much more attractive message for CIOs and business unit managers.

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