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A priest, a rabbi, and a security director walk into a bar…

Now for something completely different. Two folks with a deep roots in security and technology launched this fun site.  ComicWonder.com is the *first* forum dedicated to the art of joke-telling. There are lots of text jokes sites out there,
yes. But until today, no one offered a
forum for you to actually tell a joke! So, check out the site, listen to some jokes, and then send the link to your
funniest friends.  

The Milwaukee Business Journal wrote a great article about
the site.

Guy Kawasaki, famous Mac Evangelist and founder of Truemors,
had to say about the site: "It’s actually very fun. More than I thought it
would be. I’ll truemor it." Check
out www.truemors.com and press the UP arrow. The Truemor reads: "Here’s a new site where joke tellers record,
upload and compete. Something nice and light to start the weekend!"

Great work Kelly and Marcus!


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  1. June 27, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks for the post, Steve! We are having a blast. Marcus is a hoot to work with. If you know any good jokes — post away! We’re getting tons of traffic, but lots of performance-shy visitors.

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