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Privacy is soooo 1990’s — we’re soooo f*cked

I dumpster dived my own garbage can. I didn’t have the guts
to pick through my neighbor’s garbage, but I wanted to see if there were
treasures in there.  What I found were
plenty of banking and financial docs properly shredded, along with utility
statements and insurance papers that weren’t.  Combined with my name and address (posted on
my mailbox, of course) this data would make easy work for a social engineering identity

Ignorance is bliss

There is a new Identity Theft prevention service.  Extending far beyond PrivacyGuard and using
the amazing intelligence collection capabilities of Cyveillance.  Identity Truth.com is still in beta but boasts
an “early warning system” whenever your personal information is “out there” and
about to wreak havoc with your credit.  It
looks cool and at 10 bucks a month beats the hell out of the more expensive and
less thorough PrivacyGuard.  The system
is only accepting a limited number of new subscribers during this beta stage,
and twice I’ve noticed the site was down.

I’ll sign up as soon as the site comes back online and will
write a review in a week or so. If any of you do the same, let me know your impressions.


  1. May 17, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    The other one I have heard about is called Life Lock. It seems to be a bit more flashy. I’m always wary of flashy… especially when it comes with a bunch of testimonials.
    I went to Identity Truth, but didn’t sign up immediately. It seems they are looking for some sort of Promotional code – and since I didn’t have time right then to figure out what that might be, I left it. I’d like to know what you think though.

  2. May 18, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Hey All,
    Just wanted to pass this info along, there is actually another Identity Theft service out there. It is called Identity Theft Shield and is done as a partnership with Pre Paid Legal. Bar none it is the best in the business, not only does it do continuous credit monitoring, but also monitors all forms of ID theft that most are not aware of. What trully sets them apart is they have a complete restoration process that THEY do in the event a theft may occur. PPL is traded on the NYSE, PPD, and their partner is on the NASDAQ. Both over 30 years old. The stand alone service is only 12.95 per month and that covers both husband and wife! I am not sure of the if it is permissible to post contact info here, if not I apologize, but if you would like further info contact kirt1959@mchsi.com

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