If Odysseus Had Grey-Eyed Athena as an auditor…

On one hand, the security profession in Greece shares much in common with its
counterparts in Northern Europe and North America.

Reflections from Greece

Security directors seek cost effective solutions for
perimeter protection, data leakage and identity and access management.  A few are deploying IP cameras or are linking
physical access control with network sign on.  In so many ways the Greek security market is
just others.

Slow and Easy

The greatest difference I saw was the lack of any sense of
urgency. That, I suppose, is indicative
of the pace of business in Southern Europe.  The days are long and already hot. But it’s not
like Greece
is immune from regulatory compliance challenges.  Since 1998 the Bank of Greece has set a
national standard of security auditing.  I just didn’t get the feeling that anyone felt
they were on the verge of losing their job.  In the US,
I’d say that is a common stress.  Hmmm.
High stress about security optimization in the US versus the easy pace of coffee
and Ouzo by the sea.

Let’s eat and think about that.

3 years after the Olympics, Greece is still sorting out physical security

Security Manager is apparently the only physical security
trade magazine in Greece.
After eight issues so far, the new trade
book has a growing fan club.  Even an IT
security auditor and ISACA member I met was a subscriber.  I liked the magazine but was baffled why they
didn’t cover the first major keynote speech on physical security in Greece.  Oh yeah, I forgot – trade magazines only
reprint press releases.

No surprise, HID had the back cover ad and was clearly the most recognized physical security brand in Greece.

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