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Convergence Shook The Industry, But Web 2.0 Will Re-Invent It

Cisco CEO: Web 2.0 will drive the industry was a headline by ZDNet‘s Larry Dignan — Dignan wrote: "Cisco CEO John Chambers sees Web 2.0 as his company’s rocket fuel for the next decade. On a conference call with analysts following the company’s fiscal third quarter earnings it was telling how much Chambers dwelled on Web 2.0–a term many of us are weary of already. Chambers defined Web 2.0 as technologies that enable collaboration and communication."


Chambers is more correct than he even realizes and I don’t think he is overstressing the concept.  Web 2.0 will utterly transform how value is created by security technologies.  Today we are lucky if we can extract drips of usable data from access control system logs and sensor alerts.  But tomorrow, every camera, smart fence and thermostat will crank out its own blog; analytics engines will produce wikis on surveillance events; and of course we’ll be able to Google any information from anywhere.

Chambers is banking on generating a billion dollars of new revenue from his physical security ventures.  But the new ways of using technology to close communication gaps between systems and people – known as Web 2.0 – will inspire entirely new security architectures.

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