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No Messin’ Around – Honeywell and Novell, Hirsch and RSA

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. That’s the sound coming from the executive offices of Oracle, Tyco, BMC, HID
and HP. IBM and Cisco are wiping the
sleep from their eyes. But Novell
surprised us all by jumping to the top of the identity management game with a stroke of the press
release pen.

Out of the blue, Honeywell and Novell announced a
partnership which, in my view, catapults the duo to the head of the converged
identity management market. The solution
will manage all people and their privileges to all IT and physical security
assets using best-in-class security technologies. Maybe you didn’t know that Novell is a major
player in IT security, but it is.

Hirsch joined the game, too, with a partnership with RSA,
the security division of EMC.

We know that both of these marriages developed out of FIPS
201 initiatives. My guess is that both relationships are still in the
experimental stage – marriages of convenience.  However, I’m very pleased to see the steady
progress toward convergence – at least on a technological level.

Funny, I’ve spoken to Honeywell and Hirsch executives in the
last two months and neither gave me any indication they knew anything about
strategic relationships with IT companies.  Boy oh boy, physical security – as an industry
– sure is different from IT.  I have briefings with all the companies coming up.  i’ll publish my complete thoughts a bit later.

  1. April 28, 2007 at 6:19 am

    What’s interesting to me here is the evolution. These vendors underwent this exercise to address a perceived requirement in HSPD-12. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I don’t believe these solution sets will get anything but marginal short term use in issuing FIPS 201 cards. As I said, the issuance will be done via the GSA SIN 132-62 system integrators (these are the HSPD-12 approved scheduled SIs, sorry for the acronymania but either you know about this stuff or you don’t) in combination with the Shared Service Providers (SSPs) on the Approved Products List (APL). Not these physical access vendors.
    But what has happened is a VERY important side effect. Where do these Electronic Access Control vendors actually issue cards? No trick question, its in the commercial space. Ergo, we now have vendors able to offer convergence capable credentials to those enterprises smart enough to skip the broom.
    While the balance of the requirements are still not well understood (that is, what is involved in actually setting up an operational converged infrastructure) by those saying they provide the solution, an important piece has come into place.

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