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Brijot Impresses

I finally saw a demo of Brijot. It was on my list of things to do at the ISC
show last week…but I lost my list. Good
thing Brijot popped for a sponsorship of the bags. Everywhere I turned I saw folks carrying
around the colorful conference bags with the Brijot ad emblazoned on the side.

The special scanner is really a camera designed to find
items hidden in or under the clothing of person. It can catch folks walking out of the
building with some company hardware, or walking into the stadium packing
explosives. The system works by
measuring the differences in the naturally emitting radiation of a human body. C-4 or a Glock interrupts or blocks that
radiation and the sensor displays a blurry image of the person with a dark area
indicating the foreign object.

I liked how it worked but was surprised by the low price. Less than $90 grand. That’s downright affordable for about any
large facility. Of course the resolution
isn’t great. I was disappointed it didn’t
show what color panties the lady had one, but quite relieved that it didn’t
show what color panties the guy had on. The
blurry resolution serves a practical purpose – folks don’t have to worry about
their privacy (or their panties) being revealed. And it’s fast, too. Items may be spotted in a fraction of a

The system does not precisely identify the object. You can’t tell from the display if the guy is
carrying an iPod or a calculator, but its accurate enough to route that person
into another line for closer screening, allowing the rest of the crowd to walk
by unencumbered. So the product will
complement other security measures nicely.

That’s an important point. The Brijot solution is one piece of a people-scanning solution. It does not replace the need for X-ray
scanners or metal detectors, but it does catch things those devices miss. It can also be deployed in remote areas or
unattended exits, relaying the images to a command center. Best of all, it can
be deployed covertly, so folks don’t know they are being scanned.

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  1. April 1, 2007 at 5:58 am

    When I spoke to them 2 years ago, it seemed their goal was for mass deployment for retail. I still don’t get it (90k). I am impressed they have been able to keep on the funding faucet.

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