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Packing for ISC West

OK, let’s see if we’ve forgotten anything. We want to make sure we have everything we need to get the most out of the big ISC West conference this month.


Fashionable but not too business-like suits because I want to look high-tech, but not like I’m selling anything?
Comfortable walking shoes for miles of walking on the show floor and to off-site meetings?
Look on the face that says "I’m so happy to see you" even though I can’t remember your name?
Map of the show floor with the far ends of the exhibits circled because that’s where the most innovative products are?
Raised eyebrow and look of skepticism for whenever a DVR vendor claims to have a "convergence solution?"
Yoga mat for realigning my back after carrying vendor marketing collateral all day?
Red_bull Check
Sore throat lozenges to compensate for trying to be heard in Lenel’s booth because so many people are crowded around?
Eyedrops and Red Bull to recover from the Wednesday and Thursday night parties?
Check. Oh wait. I can’t bring red bull on the plane. I’ll bring some ephedra instead.
Aspirin to take every time I see Panasonic’s “We Get IT” slogan? 
Note pad for scribbling down the latest industry gossip?
Smelling salts so I can revive all the manufacturers who faint when Cisco announces its new convergence portfolio?
Pocket full of quarters for the slots?

  1. March 20, 2007 at 10:43 am

    Great Advice Steve. You can see us hanging at these booths. Hope to see you. Maybe I can score you a Red Bull.
    GE Security 17063
    Firetide 13097
    Genetec 24037
    Fiber Sensys 5035
    Alarmsaf 4070
    Emcor 2115
    Delta 40021
    Exacq 6049
    Avigilon 13133
    Isonas HID Booth
    Ioimage 2139

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