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Windows Firewall – Old and Obsolete?

Robert Brown made me laugh in his blog when he discovered that a routine Mcafee antivirus update found 37-year old security software installed on his computer…and it was Windows Firewall!
He wrote:

"Horrors! My firewall software is as older than me! Older than dust!

I was planning on updating my virus definitions, but now I’m not so sure. Perhaps I should send this screenshot along to McAfee and ask why I should pay them $25 for a year’s worth of "protection," when they can’t even be trusted to accurately scan my system. What a riot."

Hilarious.  Either McAfee made a huge error, or it is a prank by some McAfee developers making fun of the simple port blocking of the Windows firewall. I suspect the latter – and that’s why I use ZoneAlarm.  🙂

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