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3VR – More than just recording the fraud

Spoke with the 3VR folks again today.  I like their story.  They don’t call their video recording device 3vr a DVR.  They call it an appliance.  Surefire route to my heart.  🙂

And they don’t just record video, they analyze the recording.  I dunno.  I like it.  When you get right down to it, 3VR sells an extra smart DVR.  But those extra smarts make a big difference.  Consider the most common application where 3VR appliances are deployed, in banks.  The cameras capture customers approaching the tellers.  If the customer passes a bad check, Verint’s or March’s DVR will record that transaction tagged along with the transaction data.  So once you figure out that it was a bad check, you can find the camera images of the bad guy – and alert March_networks your other branches to keep an eye out for the perp.  Verint and March systems can also produce a nice report for you showing you all the fraudulent transaction you are interested in, and the video clips associated with them.

3VR goes one step further and identifies all the fraudulent transactions performed by the same low-life scuzbag.  The product has some facial recognition and analytics built in, which, combined with an advanced search feature, produces some handy forensic evidence.

Running facial recognition on a database of recorded images produces a higher accuracy rate than real-time mug matching.  But concievably you could tune your 3VR system to identify a scuzbag’s face as soon as he walks up to a teller, and alert the teller that the check may be fraudulent.

It ain’t rocket science (most technologies in this industry aren’t).  But it might be the extra little bit of science you need to run a more effective security operation.

  1. March 7, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Hey bud. I checked out 3VR here in SF. It’s very cool what they’re doing. Anything that speeds up the process of accessing video you need is great.

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