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Erroneous “Convergence” of Facts

I screwed up and got an earful.  🙂

CSO Magazine, one of the best magazines a security professional could ever read, corrected me that it was actually the magazine, and not CSO Executive Council, which honored me with the Compass Award (which I really appreciate having!).  Thank you to Sarah Scalet, Senior Editor of CSO Magazine for the catching the error.

CSO Executive Council had nothing to do with the award.  I KNEW that, but somehow my brain wasn’t working the other day.

Mea Culpa.

Bob Hayes, speaking for the CSO Executive Council, also clarified that "we do allow the CISOs and the CSOs of both the private and public sectors to be members.  Our faculty is in the vast majority from the corporate side of the house.  Our membership is at about 65% corporate and 35% IT security representing 18 different business sectors."

I stand corrected.

Bob continues: "As to convergence – I do not like the word for all the reasons Dan stated.
The council as a group does not like the common use meaning of the word and what it has come to represent.   I very much agree with the way Dan [Dunkel], you and the dictionary define the word and your views on how it should be applied.


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