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High Level Physical Security Checklist

Here is a high level physical security checklist useful for physical or IT security personnel.
Please review and then discuss on DreamerForum where I’ve posted a long, detailed security checklist.

  • Assess overall physical security needs with regard to facility location, layout, design, construction, etc.
  • Assess effectiveness of external/ internal controls with regard to an analysis of barriers, control points, entrances/exits, lighting, authorization levels, hardware, security devices, etc.
  • Establish effective programs for personnel screening–particularly prior to employment. Establish programs for ongoing evaluation, monitoring, and assessment of personnel, especially those in high-risk areas.
  • Control and enforce authorization levels, key usage, access restrictions, sign-in/sign-out, opening/closing procedures, proper use of security systems, vigilance and surveillance, etc.
  • Ensure full documentation of all security problems and violations.
  • Develop levels of classification and restrictions including written policies on all sensitive material.
  • Establish procedures for handling/ safeguarding sensitive materials.
  • Develop and enforce restrictions for employee access within the facility and around sensitive/high risk areas.
  • Promote an ongoing program of monitoring and evaluation for the potential exploitation of persons with personal problems who work in sensitive and high-risk areas.
  • Establish effective ongoing security education training programs.
  • Evaluate and plan for the possibility of electronic eavesdropping and ensure proper countermeasures. Use appropriate security systems, safes/vaults, and other anti-intrusion and theft devices.

Discuss the detailed version of this list on DreamerForum.

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