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Now THIS is Marketing!

The first time I saw the PIVMAN Comic book I was amazed.  Phil Libin, President of Corestreet, showed Pivman_comic
it to me and I was crazy about it – the concept, the execution, the story, the artwork.  It was so much fun.  Now it’s available for you.  You can download it here, or Pick it up from the Corestreet booth at the RSA show next week. 

I imagine Corestreet will also have a presence at ISC West at the end of March.  So look for the booth and the comic book there.

Clever marketing concepts like this are what separate tomorrow’s technology leaders from yesterday’s tedious knuckle-dragging vendor marketers.  Don’t just give me technical specifications.  Tell the story!

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  1. Steve Surfaro
    February 12, 2007 at 9:41 am

    Yes ~ very clever marketing from what could have been quite boring. They are to be commended. We as an industry need to more creatively market products so there’s an interest. A great deal of fun? Well… Maybe I just watch 24 too much, but I would have like to see PIVMan at a TSA Screening location nab someone with an orange juice explosive – it would give those guys something to play with instead of my D200 at screening. Perhaps it could be a natural attachment on Tony Stark’s (aka Iron Man) ablative armor. Even better, it could be the Club’s bouncer verifying whether the person is really Paris Hilton or not. Cmon, speak to the comic readers first before you design an ad!!!

  2. February 13, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    Right on, Steve S.!

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