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Surprisingly Good Security Conference

I’m a big fan of this conference. Last year in Savannah Tech Sec Solutions surprised me with the quality of the presenters and the level of discussion and networking. I’m on the Advisory Board, but frankly I missed most of the meetings. Nevertheless, I think it is very worthwhile.

Grab a cheap airline ticket, book your discounted room at the Fairmont hotel and join me as I listen to my buddy, Dave Tyson give the keynote. And watch SecurityDreamer that week, I’ll be sure to comment the most interesting tidbits of the show.

Techsecsol Third annual TechSec Solutions Conference, Feb. 26-28, 2007

Fairmont Hotel – Dallas, Texas

From the press release:
YARMOUTH, Maine—United Publications, publishers of Security Systems News, Security Director News, and Security Systems News Europe, will kick off its third annual TechSec Solutions conference Feb. 26, with an exhibitor’s dinner at Dallas’ Fairmont Hotel. Over the course of the following two days, more than 500 industry professionals will take in an educational program featuring 40 end users, integrators and manufacturers offering their expertise on the migration of the electronic security industry to the TCI/IP protocol environment.

The result of a call for publications held in the summer of 2006, the educational program features high-level executives from some of the most innovative integrators and security directors working in the industry today. Adesta, Johnson Controls, Convergint, Infrastruct, and others will team with heads of security protecting employees and customers in the retail (Target), corporate (Lehman Brothers), medical (New York Presbyterian Hospital), governmental (City of Ottawa), aviation (Houston Airport), and non-profit (Royal Ontario Museum) fields to explore best practices and the vast new possibilities created by IP-based products and systems. They will be joined on the program by large established manufacturers such as Honeywell, Sony, Axis, Cisco, Verint, HID Global, Fargo, and Tyco, along with up-and-coming high-technology manufacturers like 3VR, Vidient, IndigoVision, and Genetec.

The keynote speaker is Dave Tyson, CTO of the City of Vancouver, who has overseen the integration of the city’s IT and physical security departments, all made possible by an IP environment.

In between educational programming, a tightly focused exhibit floor will feature product demonstrations by a collection of the most progressive manufacturers and integrators working in the industry. From video to access control to creative applications of software and hardware that will solve problems people don’t know they have yet, even the most veteran industry member ought to find something new and different from the traditional analog security world’s classic cameras and panels.

Perhaps most importantly, TechSec offers a number of networking opportunities to facilitate the partnerships that are vital to moving forward in an IP-based world. Physical security integrators can find counterparts with IT and networking experience; security directors can shop for integrators and suppliers; suppliers can increase their channel opportunities and get in front of an educated and interested audience looking to find the best of breed.

For more information on the educational program, exhibitor prospectus, and conference registration, visit http://www.techsecsol.com.

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