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1000 This Week!

Ahh, I remember when SecurityDreamer was just a glint in its father’s eye. (sigh)

But it’s growing up fast.  Since lauching SecurityDreamer in November 2006, readership has steadily grown. No 7-day period has had fewer readers than the previous.  And this week we passed the 1000 visitors mark for the week.  Thank you for your support.

We could use more subscribers, though.  I recently added the button (there, on the right hand column) so you can get a daily email with recent updates.  I think many of you haven’t yet gotten the hang of subscribing to RSS feeds.  Don’t worry, now you can have an email feed. (That’s what I prefer for some of my favoite blogs).

Plans for the future
SecurityDreamer is getting better.  The site will soon feature more IT and IT Security content — especially information that relates to collaboration and communication across the lines of physical and homeland security with IT.

And a Forum
SecurityDreamer will host forums, or discussion boards, for topics like Intelligent Video, PSIM, Security Management Best Practices, Endpoint Security, FIPS 201, and needed technology standards.  Watch for a Wiki, too.  We are even going to list more than a hundred vendors and invite your comments on each.

So please tell your friends.  Send the link to your mailing list.  Link us to your site, too.  The more readers, the more discussion.  The more discussion, the more we stand a chance of creating a site for unfettered, objective, free-flowing and useful information about security technology.

…And that would be very satisfying.

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  1. Wes
    January 19, 2007 at 6:11 am

    I didn’t even notice the email newsletter signup box. I added my email to your list.
    I have been hovering over your site for the past week and I have found it very informative 🙂
    I actually run a website about IP Network Video Security. It is called NetworkCameraReviews.com and can be viewed at http://www.networkcamerareviews.com
    I would be happy to chat with you about how we can help each others websites grow in the security market as a source to learn about security technology.
    I run an RSS feed as well and I would be happy to add your articles to the feed for my readers.
    Anyways, feel free to email me at info@networkcamerareviews.com if you are interested 🙂

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