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Call Me Skeptical – Catching Bad Guys Before the Act

Don’t get me wrong.  It sounds cool and I love the idea that video analytics can actually keep bad things from happening.  But I have some reservations about this latest announcement from Cernium

Hi-Tech Security System Targets Suspicious Characters "Before" Crime Occurs
Cernium Inc.’s new technology in video-surveillance systems provides information
on suspicious behavior "before" the crime. This behavior-recognition software
zones in on suspicious characters and warns the security staff.
To read the full article, see:


So basically the customer, Johns Hopkins University in this case, uses analytics to catch bicycle theives with less human involvement. Or said another way, the University spent a bunch of money to prove that cameras could save money on security personnel.


As my friend Michael would ask, "Did security get better?  Or just cheaper?"

I’m looking for announcements that make security better.

  1. Wes
    January 17, 2007 at 6:45 am

    That is a good point.
    I personally would like to be able to monitor an application like that and see how effective the analytics are at deciphering between normal behavior and suspicious behavior.
    Like how effective can it be at telling if someone is walking abnormally. What constitutes a normal walk? What if I slept wrong and my right side was stiff so I walked abnormally, will I get swarmed by security staff when walking by a locked up bike?
    Just my two cents haha…
    Wes Fernley

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