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Biometrics Put Convenience First

I was going to title this post "Biometrics Suck!"

Instead, I’ll defer to the nice work by Sapna Capoor in December’s Security
. Biometrics has always been and
will likely remain a convenience technology first, and a security technology
second. I came to that conclusions while
researching at Forrester and Giga some years ago.

I’m a tech snob, and if biometric data crosses a wire of any
length, I assume it will get hacked. Biometric data never expires – your
fingerprint is your fingerprint for life. So even if it’s encrypted and takes
20 years to decrypt – in 20 years the bad guy has your fingerprint record (and
by then you are President of the United States).

I think that biometric solutions coupled with smartcards
that calculate a one-way hash of biometric data and send the hash over the wire
will be the winning technology in the long run.

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