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Critique of Intelligent Video Performance

Hi Steve,

My name is Yossi Massafi and I am the GM for the DreamBox division of
Magal – Senstar Inc.

While checking your Blog yesterday I came across a topic that is really
dear to me and to my company business. This topic was: Opinions on Intelligent
Video: Criteria For Selecting

I wanted to drop you a line and share with you my thoughts about the
most important criteria (for my opinion at least…). Shouldn’t performance –
i.e. detection rate versus low false/nuisance alarm rates – be the first
criterion? I know it might sound like saying the obvious, but guess what; we
have out there many systems that are easy to use, look very slick, but at the
end of the day do not alert on the things that they really need as an IVA

My Response:

Thanks for the note, Yossi. I
have kind of a cynical attitude toward performance. Mainly, I assume a product should work. I mean, I assume it should do the thing it is
designed to do, namely, in this case, to detect certain behaviors and
anomalies. The idea of false/nuisance
alarms is really measuring the degree to which a product does not work.

But I see your point. Since
every product fails to work properly to some extent, performance should be
measured and be made a criterion. But
not the highest one. Since every product
has errors – sometimes due to the technology, sometimes due to the installation
or improper usage – it is merely one criterion. A customer will have to decide how tolerant he or she will be with

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