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Teaser From Cisco

Rufus Connell
from Frost & Sullivan conceived of a clever, Cisco-friendly architecture
for physical access control. Cisco is
known for its NAC (Network Admission Control) system. It is designed to watch for computers that
connect to the network, then check that computer for compliance to some
policies. For example, if the laptop’s
antivirus is out of date, or if the security client is not properly operating,
that laptop may not be permitted to connect to the network. It’s like a health check which may result in
quarantine. Rufus suggested that the
same philosophy could permit Cisco to check and regulate permissions at the
doors before permitting access to other assets like logging into the network.

basically what Imprivata is doing with its latest product. And it is what Cisco
partially showcased in a special demo center with ASSA Abloy at ASIS in

Did you
see that demo?
It was the best demo of
ASSA hardware with HID card readers I’d ever seen. I made that comment to some ASSA and HID
execs, and they said it’s the best they’ve seen tool.

But the
Cisco part of that demo was unimpressive. The solution looked like it was thrown together in a month. I asked one of the Cisco technlogists on
hand, and he said “actually it was two weeks.

think it’s fair to look at Cisco’s part in that demo as a teaser – indicating
that an IT giant is working on physical security solutions. Fasten your seat belts…


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