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Cisco’s Physical Security Strategy – Déjà VoIP all over again

I spent
yesterday and today at the Cisco industry analyst event called C-Scape in San Jose. Following are some nuggets I gleaned while

Word on Cisco’s Entry Into Physical Security

looks at the physical security industry the way they looked at telephony a few
years ago. Back then, every large
corporation had a networking department and a telecom department. The two reported up through different
managers and VPs and often were found feuding over who last messed with the
wiring closets. Sounds a lot like the
physical security and IT departments today. As a security director hangs an IP camera, or connects a DVR to the
network, the IT folks get a bit perturbed by the introduction of new bandwidth
consumption or virus threats.Cisco_logo

Cisco hit
the networking and telecom teams hard with VoIP, voice over IP, which is
practically standard in large organizations around the world now. Cisco will approach physical security,
especially video surveillance, and maybe access control, the same way.

Cisco can
have a multi-pronged strategy regarding physical security:

  • Make surveillance video more easily distributed to more authorized users.
  • Secure the video and access data traversing the network, and secure the cameras and DVRs connected to the network.
  • Provide a standard and universal transport layer for security systems.


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