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Security Convergence Consulting Hard To Find

December 8, 2006

Comparison of Competitive Consulting Services

Conversations with Partners or Managers at each of the
listed major consulting firms revealed a few surprises (Table, below). We assumed that PricewaterhouseCoopers and
Accenture, with their leading practices in identity management, would also lead
the pack in terms of convergence related consulting. To the contrary, both firms scored low in our
not-completely-scientific analysis. Instead
the firms with the broadest number of practice areas and strategic partnerships
could accurately claim to offer the greatest breadth and depth in security


SAIC scored highest due to its clever use of private sector
partnerships. IBM scored well because of
its ability to pull from all practices areas of IBM Global Services, plus
domain experts from its various software and hardware businesses (such as IBM
Blade Server group or Tivoli Identity Manager product managers). Deloitte
scored fairly high, but officially still appears to view security convergence
only as a merger of the IT security and corporate security personnel under one
manager. That sort of limited
perspective opens Deloitte to competition from any consulting firm with a more
“enlightened” view of convergence.

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