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IBM’s New Smart Surveillance System

December 6, 2006

IBM has announced its S3 Smart
Surveillance System. Think of it as a
platform for routing and coordinating video storage, encoding, analytics, retrieval,
and investigations. The system is built
as a middleware layer permitting customers to “plug in” various analytics
engines, alert systems, incident response, storage and distribution of video. The sensors, like analytics, tag the video
with XML meta data to be indexed and stored in a DB2 database. The tagging means searches are fast. It also means the framework will co-exist
peacefully with other XML-friendly systems. (Not that there are so many in the physical security world…but it’s
getting better.)

An actual use case would be catching an anomaly, like a
large truck pulling into the parking lot. The S3 would trigger relevant alerts, tag the video, and route it here
or there as needed.

Bottom line: S3 is a respectable entrant into the world of
video surveillance. It is built on
modern, standard architecture and will easily evolve as customer sophistication
grows. It isn’t entirely unique. But it
is IBM – and that signals another seismic tremor in tectonic shift of physical
security to IT.

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